It’s Only Been a Week, Right?

I had every intention of writing an entry every week, but lately it feels like I blink and a month has gone by. Anyway, I am here now, and only a week or so late!

I have been mostly working on little blankets to donate to the kitties at our local animal shelter, Lollypop Farm. It’s a great way to practice new stitches while busting those scraps. And do I have scraps to bust! The best part is that a sweet kitty will have a cozy place to rest his butt while waiting for a forever home.


Blankies!! I

A great place to find new stitches is New Stitch a Day. There are about a bazillion stitches on this site, for crochet and knitting, with awesomely clear, concise video tutorials.

I made this one with the Grit stitch:


This stitch is really tight and compact. I think it would make a better rug or mat than a blanket, so it ended up being perfect for a kitty blankie! It lays super flat and doesn’t curl around the edges like plain single crochet can tend to do. I love the colors in the middle yarn. I believe it is Red Heart Super Saver in Monet. Here’s a closer look:



I used a variation of this pattern for three of the other blankets. It is a really fun stitch to do. So much fun I did it thrice! I only wish I had the yarn used by the original poster. So many pretty colors! (I suffer from yarn envy.)

I may do one or two more this holiday weekend in between other projects and parties. I’ll keep you posted. Happy 4th! I need to get some sleep. Firecracker Four mile race in the morning!


My first post ever!! (and link to one of my favorite patterns)

I finally got off my lazy buns and took the 10 minutes to start a blog about my crocheting addiction. I may run off on tangents about my running and cooking addictions, too, but it’s all fun stuff, so why not.

I have gotten to the point in my crocheting where I am confident enough to branch out and try writing my own patterns. *gulp* At the moment they will be nothing incredible, but they are mine and I am so proud of them. It is an awesome feeling when someone stops you to ask where you got something and you can say, (usually with a gigantic, trying to look humble-but not quite achieving it) smile, “I made it!”

The first thing I ever made that wasn’t a granny square was this scarf with a free pattern from Rookie Crafter. The pattern was different than anything I had seen in stores and I could do any color I wanted. I got so many compliments the first time I wore it, then many requests to make it. I have probably made at least 20 of these. No foolin’. They make great gifts, too!

Here are a couple of my favorites that I made this winter, for sale in my etsy shop, displayed on my stark-white, vitamin D craving, Upstate New York living neck.


I added a little texture to this guy with some post crocheting. 🙂


Purdy colors!